What should I wear?

Shorts are very necessary, as exposing skin on the legs allows you to grip on to the pole. The same goes for exposing the skin on your arms- so preferably a short sleeve t-shirt or tank top. If you are more comfortable with tracksuit trousers you welcome to wear them at first, but soon you’ll see that this can limit your pole class quite considerably. You must be able to move freely in your sports gear. Protective shoes- flat sole tekkies/sneakers or ‘dancer’ shoes can be worn- although most people prefer bare foot training as this sometimes allows you to be able to grip to the pole better as well.



Bring your own hand towel. As you will find it useful to regularly dry your hands and dry the pole to prevent from slipping. A product called ‘dry-hands’ is a liquid kind of chalk that also helps a great deal to grip on the pole and is available for purchase at the studio.



Don't apply oil or lotion to the skin the day you train, it will make you slip off the pole.
Don't wear any rings, watches or loose jewelry as they can damage the poles and hurt you.



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