Benefits of DragonFit

DragonFit Challenges the body to achieve unparalleled levels of physical conditioning and strength. 



Supercharge your cardiac and muscular endurance and capacity. Mettlemax is an fat incinirating, VO2Max boosting all round workout which will test your mettle to the maximum.

It focuses on compound body eight exercises, although weights may be incorporated from time to time. These classes are designed to achieve specific goals in 6 weekly cycles, utilizing different interval training phylosophies.

Interval training:

Several recent studies have shown the positive effects that shorter periods of high intensity training on the body. Dr. Tabata is credited for the two most recognized studies and these training phylosophies (4 minute HIIT with 20s on 10s off) have become so widely recognized that it is referred to as Tabata training. Dr. Tabata's studies prove that utilizing short duration high intensity interval training (HIIT) can significantly improve your anaerobic threshold and VO2Max simultaneously.

The "After Burn" Effect

This refers to the period of time afer training that your body continues to burn calories (up to 48 hours). This phenomenon is known as Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and is one of our aims of the MettleMax program as this allows you to burn fat passively between training sessions. The catch is that this effect is directly related to the intensity of your workout, thus to make maximum gains MettleMax is intense.

Training Intensity

There are several factors that contribute to the intensity of a workout they are: the amount of weight used (load), rest intervals and speed. Several studies show that the After Burn effect is most significantly triggered by increasing weight, followed by high intensity interval training.


Develop stronger tendons and ligaments. Build a super strong body that effortlessly absorbs ballistic shocks. Strengthen and recruit the deeper, stabilizing and supporting muscles.


Improves coordination and agility and functional mobility which is essential for injury prevention, functional movement optimization and recovery. Read more ...

Dragon Challenge: 

The Dragon Challenge takes place once a week on a Saturday. This is a fun physical challenge which may take the form of anything from an obstacle course to a kettlebell challenge. It will change your “I can’t” attitude to “I’ll take it to the limit”.


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