Summer Body Challenge 2016

 Would you like to add toned muscle, lose body fat and create healthy training habits, preventing injury and increasing mobility in a professional yet fun and intimate environment?

" I've joined Dragonspirit at the beginning of the year for their first 6 Week Summer Body Training program of 2016. I thought I knew something about kettle bell training because I did a few kettle bell swings (completely WRONG) and what I thought were KB snatches and deadlifts etc. at the gym. To my surprise I did everything wrong and in doing that I've messed up my posture and picked up injuries like nothing when I did KB training on my own at the gym or home.

I did a trail week first to ease myself into it and immediately knew that they mean business with my first orientation class. The trainers are absolutely world class in my book and fixed my technique and posture within two weeks time. The training worked wonders for me and I thought an hour class a day wouldn't be enough but soon found out that it was just the perfect amount of time to exercise with this intensity. The program is extremely well balanced. The mobility class helped my mobility a lot because before I started I couldn't even sit with my legs crossed!!! Now I can do it with ease and it's just going to improve from there I'm sure.

I'd recommend this program to everyone. I loved it so much that I joined Dragonspirit full time. I've seen a huge difference not only in my body transformation but in my energy levels, my mood and my overall health and especially my mobility.

I'd like to thank everyone at Dragonspirit for making this one of the most pleasant training experiences I've ever had and I'm sure if anyone is willing to do a 6 week Summer Body Program you'll be hooked! "

JP Rossouw - winner of the 2016 1st season - 4% decrease in body fat, 8% increase in muscle mass.

Daniella Hart - runner up 2016 1st season - 3.6% decrease in body fat, 6.6% increase in muscle mass.


Previous results:

Our Summer Body Challenge winner for 2014 (2nd season) is Elma Postma. Elma won with a stunning 12% increase in muscle mass and 8% decrease in body fat in a six week period. Fanie Botha was in second place with a 7% increase in muscle mass and 3% decrease in body fat.


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