Knife Fighting Seminar

Learn how to use you knife effectively for self-defense.

This seminar will cover the following:

Psychological aspects of knife fighting, primary targets, How to handle your knife, integrating the use of a knife in your fighting style.

Date: 26 November 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 11-2pm

Cost: R350.00 (10% discount if your register by 19 November)

Instructor: Corlius Birkill

How to register ...



New - BratFit!! ... Moms/ Dads & Tots Fitness Class


Being new parents are not without it's challenges and one thing that struck Deidre and I are how difficult it is for Moms with toddlers ages 12-30 months to do a proper training session. There are some commercial gyms with an equipped play den and someone to keep an eye on your toddler while you train, however, at that age, toddlers are prone to separation anxiety and this exercise usually ends up quite traumatic for both toddler and parent. At the same time this time in the play den is essentially wasted as there are no specific, supervised neurodevelopmental activities for your child during that time.

On the opposite end there are some franchised neurodevelopmental programs in which one can enroll your toddler, which are well designed for toddlers but leaves the parent being unproductive.

Having watched Deidre training with Sidney at our facility we realised that there is indeed a way in which parents can get a brilliant workout (based on a combination of calisthenics, weight and bar work) whilst integrating the workout with specific neurodevelopmental games for your todller. We have also established that there is a great need for such a class. This has led to the creation of our Moms and Brats Fitness classes which was launched in September 2016.

These classes are geared for Moms or Dads and toddlers aged 12-30 months. The class will be instructed by Deidre and Sidney leading the Moms with their toddlers as well as Johanna supervising rogue toddlers.

Class times: Wed & Fri 9 - 10 am



Summer Body Challenge 2016

 Would you like to add toned muscle, lose body fat and create healthy training habits, preventing injury and increasing mobility in a professional yet fun and intimate environment?

" I've joined Dragonspirit at the beginning of the year for their first 6 Week Summer Body Training program of 2016. I thought I knew something about kettle bell training because I did a few kettle bell swings (completely WRONG) and what I thought were KB snatches and deadlifts etc. at the gym. To my surprise I did everything wrong and in doing that I've messed up my posture and picked up injuries like nothing when I did KB training on my own at the gym or home.

I did a trail week first to ease myself into it and immediately knew that they mean business with my first orientation class. The trainers are absolutely world class in my book and fixed my technique and posture within two weeks time. The training worked wonders for me and I thought an hour class a day wouldn't be enough but soon found out that it was just the perfect amount of time to exercise with this intensity. The program is extremely well balanced. The mobility class helped my mobility a lot because before I started I couldn't even sit with my legs crossed!!! Now I can do it with ease and it's just going to improve from there I'm sure.

I'd recommend this program to everyone. I loved it so much that I joined Dragonspirit full time. I've seen a huge difference not only in my body transformation but in my energy levels, my mood and my overall health and especially my mobility.

I'd like to thank everyone at Dragonspirit for making this one of the most pleasant training experiences I've ever had and I'm sure if anyone is willing to do a 6 week Summer Body Program you'll be hooked! "

JP Rossouw - winner of the 2016 1st season - 4% decrease in body fat, 8% increase in muscle mass.

Daniella Hart - runner up 2016 1st season - 3.6% decrease in body fat, 6.6% increase in muscle mass.


Previous results:

Our Summer Body Challenge winner for 2014 (2nd season) is Elma Postma. Elma won with a stunning 12% increase in muscle mass and 8% decrease in body fat in a six week period. Fanie Botha was in second place with a 7% increase in muscle mass and 3% decrease in body fat.


Shaolin White Crane

The information which follows has been condensed and summarized by Mr. Alex Kiesel of YMAA Andover, MA from the book Shaolin White Crane (1996) by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, YMAA Publications.

History of the Southern White Crane Style

It is believed that White Crane was one of the five original 'animal' systems practiced at the Shaolin Temple and that it may already have existed by the time the monk Da Mo arrived from India in the 6th century. Later, during the 17th century, a woman named Fang Qi-Niang combined her White Crane heritage, passed down from her father, with movements she witnessed while observing the behavior of cranes in the river near her home. This was the beginning of the Southern White Crane system, which now includes four major divisions: Ancestral Crane, Eating Crane, Shouting Crane and Flying Crane. It is Ancestral Crane that Master Yang-Jwing Ming learned as a youth from his Master, Cheng Gin-Zao.

Characteristics of the Southern White Crane Style White Crane is one of the hundreds of Chinese martial arts styles, and White Crane itself can be divided into numerous schools, each with its own special characteristics and emphasis in training. However, the root of all White Crane styles remains the same. The White Crane learned and taught by Master Yang, Zong He Chuan, is considered the original Southern White Crane system.

Zong He Chuan translates as 'Ancestral Crane Fist.' The system is also known as ' Trembling Crane', 'Sleeping Crane' or 'Jumping Crane'. Each of these names describes a characteristic of the style. The Jin or martial power of Zong He Chuan derives from a shaking or trembling of the body that imitates the shaking off of water by a bird or animal. The legs are firmly rooted and the power is generated from the waist. 'Sleeping' may refer to the idea that the Crane practitioner is motionless until the opponent moves, at which time s/he physically explodes into defense while maintaining mental and spiritual calm. 'Jumping' refers to the jumping movements used in strategic footwork and escape.

White Crane is primarily a defensive system that specializes in the short range. Kicks are low and hands are used extensively in techniques that derive from the shape and movements of the Crane's wings or beak. The Crane is known for its dignity and calm appearance but also for the viciousness with which it defends itself.


White Crane practitioners also train in the use of weapons, including staff, double sticks, sai, saber, double dagger, spear and numerous other long and short weapons. Training in White Crane demands a conditioned body in order to withstand the great power that can be generated bythe shaking Jin and the specialized whipping and arcing motions of the chest and spine. Without proper and progressive conditioning it is easy to damage the joints and internal organs in practice. Also, in order to reach the higher levels, the pupil must study and practice White Crane Qigong (cultivation of internal energy). For these reasons, only the most elementary of White Crane techniques and forms are taught in the first few years of YMAA training.

White Crane is a very deep and specialized style, and it is not possible to do it justice in a short summary. If you are interested in the theory, philosophy, history and methods of White Crane training, please reference the book Shaolin White Crane by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming for more information.



 Mr. George Mentis, Senior student and instructor at YMAA SA


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